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Sunday April 1, 2012, marked the first service of the newly formed trinitylife BIC Church, a new church planting that has merged from the former Bertie and Sherkston BIC Churches. The new church meets in the former Sherkston BIC building.

Final services for both Sherkston and Bertie Churches were held Sunday March 25 followed by joint old fashioned love feast meal at Bertie at 12:30 pm. Rev. Harvey Sider spoke at Bertie and Rev. Craig Sider spoke at Sherkston. All were invited to attend these special services and the meal that followed, as we celebrated the ministry of both churches over past years and now look to the future with renewed hope.

Former Bertie BIC

The church in Stevensville was the first Brethren In Christ church established in Canada. The founders, also known as Tunkers, came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania around 1780 and settled as United Empire Loyalists. Originally meeting in various homes and barns, members of the Brethren in Christ moved into their Stevensville location in 1875.

Former Sherkston BIC

The first Sherkston Brethren in Christ Church was established in 1922 at Shisler Point. It moved to the current site in 1933. The construction of the current church building began in 1958 and has remained on this site until this day. This church has a rich history, especially in the areas of discipleship and outreach.

Bertie Church Cemetery
  • LOCATION: Bertie Church Cemetery, Stevensville
  • ADDRESS: 4942 Church Rd, Stevensville, ON (Fort Erie)

To honour the memory of the pioneer Brethren in Christ (Tunker) Anabaptist believers, we establish this marker. Seeking land grants and exemption from military service, from 1788 onwards, they came to Upper Canada: Niagara, York and Waterloo. Because of loyalty to their faith, they courageously objected to military service in the War of 1812-14, based on conscience and scripture. In lieu of service, they paid a militia tax. This non-resistant stance demonstrated their desire to live as part of the Kingdom of God. Brethren in Christ now, as then, commit themselves to the non-violent resolution of conflict.

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